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Helping enterprises innovate and hire top tech talent

"HackerEarth has enabled us to propel innovation within our business teams. It has helped us foster a culture of creative thinking and a large number of our employees have contributed to multiple hacks, many of which have resulted in roadmaps of future products."

Supriya Mimani

Human Resource Business Partner & Organizational Development Manager, pitney bowes

"With respect to innovation, the HackerEarth platform provided us with the ecosystem for connecting with startups and developers to create solutions using banking and external APIs."

Tusarakanta Sahoo

Innovation Specialist, Global Information Technology Center, SBI

"HackerEarth has helped us create customized assessments on open source technologies. This has made hiring the talent easy. Conversion rates from assessments to actual hires have increased 10 fold!"

Manoj Parikatil

Director of Talent Acquistion, APAC

"HackerEarth has been a good value-add to my recruitment process. It has helped in evaluating technical candidates by which we have saved time and bandwidth of our recruitment panel. Also, I like the ease with which we can create our own tests and customize them. Great going HackerEarth, keep rocking!"

Vijaya Kiran

Asst. HR Manager, Dailyhunt

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